Introduction to Campus student housing

Student housing is one key task of the Office of General Affairs. According to organization articles of the University, a housing counseling office was founded on February 1, 2008. In August 2016, the office was converted to the Student Dormitory Administration Center, which is responsible for general planning, policy formulation and facility services for student housing. The University has five student dormitories for bachelor-, master- and doctoral degree students. They are Male Student Dormitory No. 1, Female Student Dormitory No. 1, Student Dormitory No. 7, Graduate Student Dormitory and Chenglou Dormitory. The first two dormitories are located on Shida Road of the Heping campus and the rest three dormitories are on Gongguan Campus. The previous Male Student Dormitory No. 2 and Female Student Dormitory No. 2 on Gongguan campus were demolished in the second half of 2017 for building a new dormitory complex. The new complex of student housing will accommodate 3020 students. It is scheduled for the new housing to open in the Fall semester of 2022.
For the University student dormitories on Linkou campus, please refer to the webpage of Linkou Campus for more details. Briefly, the student dormitories of the Linkou Campus are currently managed by the Student Counseling Office of the Overseas Students Prerequisite Department.

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